The Association of Black Social Workers (ABSW) is a volunteer charitable organization consisting of Black Social Workers and Human Service Workers throughout the Province. ABSW was originally formed in Montreal, Canada in 1977.  A group started in Nova Scotia in 1979, with a membership of 4.  ABSW was reactivated in 1987, and now has a growing membership. ABSW has a long term goal of establishing chapters across the country. ABSW is affiliated with the National Association of Black Social Workers, which was formed in 1967 whose headoffice is in Washington. ABSW and the Akoma Family Centre have a strong partnership. ABSW conducts outreach activities for Akoma such as the Pambana Project and provides training to Akoma staff as required.  The ABSW is located on the 1st floor of th Akoma Family Centre.

The Pambana project was a youth and senior project in which 10 youth, ages 15 -18 participated in a computer training program which connected youth and seniors from the African Nova Scotian community. Each youth taught a senior (known to them), basic computer skill such as Internet, email and word processing. The process of teaching brought the two groups together, improved communication and allowed the youth to benefit from the wisdom of a senior from their community.  Funding for this project was made possible by the Dept. of Community Services, Youth Development Initiative.