Welcome to AKOMA Family Centre

The vision of the Akoma Family Centre is to provide responsive residential care, enhancing the health and well-being of children, youth and families.

The Akoma Family Centre provides residential services for children and youth with a range of programs that are dedicated to enhancing their wellbeings. 


  1. To provide a safe and nurturing environment to siblings in the care of the province.
  2. To provide culturally appropriate programming.
  3. To provide programs that enhance healthy development of children, youth and families.
  4. To meet the needs of the resident as an individual.
  5. To assist in the development of healthy relationships between the child and their family and with co-residents.
  6. To develop partnerships that enhance services to African Nova Scotians and the general community.

The Akoma Family Centre provides contemporary, short-term care for children of all races and cultures. It is committed to maintaining a specialized facility sensitive to the needs of boys, girls, and families, and to Nova Scotia’s Black community.